Our Services

Our Services

Why do you need Branding and Advertising?
Like every human, every brand is unique. In a world that’s cluttered with so many businesses and brands, it’s important to tell a story that the world identifies us with. We are living in an era where the number of “me-too” brands is on an all-time high. This is when branding and advertising can be of good help to communicate with your audiences differently and cut through the clutter.

Launching a new company, a new product or a new service means unseating the competition and winning mindshare. Altitude has developed a highly effective, adaptive methodology that takes into account the rapid evolution cycle of early-stage B2B companies. We guide your branding efforts by helping you understand the market, writing killer messaging, building awareness, attracting investors, driving leads, arming the sales team and creating evangelists.Business-to-business companies that have been around a while often find themselves on the back foot when competing in increasingly noisy and crowded industries. Let’s face it: What got you where you are will not get you where you want to go. Altitude has extensive expertise in guiding established technology-oriented companies through the rebranding process – shedding baggage, reestablishing market leadership and driving fresh streams of leads. When App Partner, a Brooklyn-based mobile game developer, needed a rebranding strategy that would help it expand into creating mobile apps for Fortune 100 firms, it turned to Altitude. Today, the company’s clients include a leading global footwear and apparel maker, a top consumer appliance manufacturer and one of the nation’s largest camera retailers.

From our roots in traditional advertising, we’ve evolved into a leading digital marketing agency with a data-driven approach, helping clients both small and large reap the benefits of advanced digital marketing. We’re also a Google Partner, and certified in Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing, and Hubspot.

Website Design
Websites are the foundation of marketing excellence. Design for user experience (UX), and conversion. Manage with a robust CMS.

 Social Media
Distribute content, engage prospects, generate leads and sales via social media. Optimize each network
Improve organic search traffic to your website with on-page and off-page search engine optimization.

 Content Marketing
Blogging, inbound marketing, thought leadership, and gated strategic content for lead generation.

Email Marketing
Nurture prospects through the sales cycle with enews, push notifications, and auto-responders. Every platform and CRM.
WooCommerce and Shopify experts. Experience with Drupal and others. Integration skills. One stop shop!

We started as a traditional ad agency, so unlike new age digital agencies, we are grounded in disciplines still critical for complete marketing excellence. Importantly, we understand how to integrate traditional and digital for maximum effectiveness.

Complete creative and production for print, TV, radio, online, outdoor. Including media planning, buying/negotiation, talent, photography or video.

 Event Marketing
Trade shows and live events. Webcasts and virtual events. Event promotion and coordination. Exhibits and graphics.
Brand identity
Brand name development, logo creation, complete graphic themes and identities, identity guidelines and standards, and related.

 PR & Publicity
Leverage high profile PR and media relations to build awareness, fast. Including news releases, press kits and events, interviews, article placement, and guest appearances.

Product Launch
Successful product launch requires marketing excellence. From branding to all aspects of digital. Sales and dealer communications, and related.
Make a good first impression with packaging that sells your product.
We work with an extensive list of clients across many industries, with additional expertise in the following categories:

Technology Marketing
Broad technology marketing expertise from software/IT, to medical device, electronics, and more. Complete marketing services including technical copywriting.

 Software Marketing
Deep expertise in business and enterprise software marketing. Complete marketing services including branding, all aspects of digital, channel marketing, and more.
Healthcare Marketing
Healthcare is changing rapidly, and requires specialized marketing to maximize success. Complete marketing services for both providers and healthcare technology solutions.

 Startup Marketing
With high startup failure rates, proven effective and efficient marketing is mission critical. Complete marketing for early stage and funded startups.

Thought Leadership Marketing
Refined and proven thought leadership marketing processes, from content to media relations. Publishing, blogging and social media management. For brands and individuals.
 Channel Marketing
Marketing of software systems, hardware or IT services by channel partners or VARs. Dealer and distributor marketing for other categories.

What sets us apart?
It’s our involvement in various aspects of your business. It’s important to understand a business before attempting to build a brand out of it. And that’s exactly what we do. We believe that it’s imperative for a brand to retain its essence despite any branding and advertising exercise. The execution and process of branding involve designing an entire campaign for the brand we are working with.

As a branding agency, what also sets us apart is our experience in varied industries, a dedicated team, our track record, and our commitment to elevate many more brands. Understanding & meeting the objective of brand communication is something we are extremely passionate about.